installation views
and that's the he and the she of it
2016, oil on canvas, 29 x 44 inches
private collection
The Alchemist's Kitchen
2016, oil on canvas, 21 x 48 inches
private collection
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The series Lacunas and Vanities incorporates traditional vanitas symbols, but also
focuses upon developing a personal vocabulary of vanitas imagery.
Objects in my house are the subject of the paintings and are the protagonists acting
out these ideas. Among the players are dice, midden heaps, trophies, glass
baubles, origami forms, studio debris, and lacunas. In these paintings the lacunas
are the dark empty spaces beside, within or behind the rendered objects. The
nothingness can be mesmeric and meditative. The voids form a counterpoint to the
articulated subjects and are spaces where the imagination is invited to wander.