The James Joyce Broadsheet is a specialist review published three times a year from 1980 to 2022. Editors: Pieter Bekker, Richard Brown & Alistair Stead. University of Leeds.

The Shipwreck Library is Great Quail's vast literary site. This portion, the Brazen Head, is dedicated to James Joyce.

The Quail says: "Founded on 16 June 1995, the Brazen Head is among the Web’s oldest James Joyce sites. Whether you’re a first-time reader curious about Ulysses, a student assigned 'The Dead,' or a long-time Joyce enthusiast looking for piano sonatas inspired by Finnegans Wake, you’ve come to the right place. All are welcome, so kick back and relax! The links below will take you to separate areas of the site, so enjoy your stay and come back any time!"